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Inverurie sound received a worldwide audience

musicians group

Inverurie Academy's Celtacad music group recorded five original tracks as backing music for a CD slideshow promoting Inverurie and other towns in Aberdeenshire.

The CD was given out at the Visit Scotland travel trade fair in Glasgow. Travel buyers from all over the world attend the show and many took a copy of the CD to view, and listen to, at their leisure.

Now visitors to this site have an opportunity to hear the unique sound of the young band. You can download the tracks & listen to them at any time on your home computer.

The musicians, and range of instruments, in the group change with each school year but the overall sound and name lives on.

Download these tracks and enjoy the sound of Celtacad. If you live in Inverurie, or visit, you just may be lucky enough to have the pleasure of hearing the band at a live event.

New Heritage Centre for Inverurie

A Heritage Centre has been included in plans to develop the giant Carriage Works shed on the former Inverurie Loco Works site.

The plans, submitted by Kintore developer Malcolm Allan, propose the creation of 40 townhouses but the end of the building nearest the town centre has been offered to the Inverurie-based charity, Garioch Heritage Society (GHS).

GHS are currently investigating how to turn the area into a Heritage Centre for the town.

The Garioch Heritage Society has been in existence for almost 20 years and, during that time, has been unable to display its artefacts, except for occasional exhibitions, to the people of Inverurie. “This is because its present premises consist of a large cupboard in the Carnegie Museum and, with the number of items growing steadily, the Society is unable to do justice to the material collected, much of it of great historical interest,” explained Dr Geoff Gill MBE, chairman elect of GHS.


Eating Out

Inverurie has a wide range of quality restaurants, atmospheric bars , lounges and clubs with regular live musical entertainment.

There are menus with a range of Scottish specialities to tantalise the tastebuds and international cuisine is also catered for with a choice of Thai, Indian and Chinese restaurants.


Walking Centre

Inverurie is the perfect setting for a leisurely walking holiday with the forest paths of Keithhall, river walks along the banks of the Ury and Don and, for the more energetic, the hill walks of Bennachie.

The town also features a number guided walks around historic sites, and for those looking for something more strenuous and challenging, the Cairngorm Mountain range is only an hours drive away.

The town also hosts the Carnegie Museum which highlights archaeological finds in the area.


Genealogy Activities

In centuries past, many natives of Inverurie headed off to seek thier fortune in the new worlds of North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The fascination in tracking their ancestors leads many people to the old cemeteries in and around Inverurie.



The BBC Beechgrove Garden star, Jim McColl, will lead the judging panel for this year’s Inverurie Best Garden Competition.

Friday (July 30) is the closing date for entries to the 2004 Inverurie Best Garden competition but there is still time to enter.

“Entry levels have been good in the large and small garden categories but very slow in the ‘floral containers’ category,” said Ranald Allan, chairman of Inverurie Environmental Improvement Group, organisers of the competition.


Inverurie is the historic market centre

The town's main streets feature an attractive and atmospheric blend of nineteenth and early twentieth century architecture with modern interiors. This combination retains the character of the old while providing a modern shopping experience for the visitor.


Postcard beauty of Inverurie

You can sample the postcard splendour of Inverurie and the surrounding area by visiting our gallery. Please click on the Our Gallery link on the left and enjoy.

You can see life in Inverurie with our live action webcam. Please click on the Inverurie webcam link on the left to get a bird's eye view of one of the town's main streets.


The "What's on?" section on this site gives a continually changing calendar of local events. Check the Visit Inverurie site regularly. You'll be surprised how much is going on. And please send in your events for inclusion in the Visit Inverurie "What's on?" listing.

Spend your vacation in Inverurie

Scotland is the right place on Earth to spend the vacation or have a wonderful one or few - day trip. Its landscapes are incredible and the nature in general is so beautiful and seems untouched, the lochs are mysterious and have something that lakes in other parts of the world don't. But you should go and see it by yourself, because words can't even near describe how amazing Scotland is.

You must have heard of Edinburgh, Loch Ness and maybe a few more well known places and attractions in Scotland, but there is much more than only that. On the east of Scotland there is a small town called Inverurie, that has many things to show you.

Inverurie is one of the places in Scotland that seem like they havn't been in touch with the rest of the world, but that still have everything you might want and need on your vacation. The history of this place is very rich, with a few interesting battles that took place in the first centuries of the last millennium, but also some very old attractions. One of those must be the well known Easter Aquhorthies , a recumbent stone circle made in the 3 millennium BC. It is not known for sure, what it was used for nor how it was built.

Life in the nature

As every other part of Scotland, Inverurie has also breathtaking landscapes and beautiful sights to visit and experience. There are a few hotels there, that you can visit and stay at an there is internet, in case you are wondering. But the best thing is first coming, they have a really good music group called the Inverurie Academy's Celtacad music group. They have some original tracks and often play at local events, this place is really interesting and special in many ways, because it seems so small but it still has everything, even a music group. Don't forget to look up where the Inverurie Academy's Celtacad music group is performing next and go and listen to their music, they are good.

There are also a few castles here that will interest your children but also you, because every one of them has a story to tell. The Castle Fraser, Garden & Estate is a very nice and beautiful castle that is open to public and available to be explored. You can also take on the Castle Tours Aberdeen, it is just breathtaking, the views from the castles and the castles are just stunning and the right places for some amazing vacation photos.

In case you get hungry, don't worry, there are a few very good restaurants in and around the town. Eat at The Green is one of those, with really good food and a great atmosphere, it is not that good for the whole family, but like made for romantic dates. Potters Kitchen is located right in the town, the food is great there and the atmosphere even better, consider going there for a lunch.

The best way to see the whole area and get an amazing and new experience is to go on the Virgin Balloon Flights - Castle Fraser. It is a fun activity for the whole family and certainly an interesting new experience.


New Heritage Centre for Inverurie

A Heritage Centre has been included in plans to develop the giant Carriage Works shed on the former Inverurie Loco Works site.

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