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New Heritage Centre for Inverurie

heritage center

“The generous offer of part of the Carriage Workshop building in the former Locomotive Works would be more than enough to show the history of the Paper Mill, in conjunction with the Tait family, railway, light industry, farming and social life of the area,” added Dr Gill.

The Society has been exploring ways of generating income from the spare capacity in the building, to allow the Society to be self-sufficient financially in the future.

“It is hoped that the public will support this opportunity of ensuring that the heritage of Inverurie is made accessible to the present inhabitants, and to future generations," he said. Inverurie Paper Mills was in the ownership of the Tait Family for 137 years until it was sold to Federal Paper Board, which was later taken over by International Paper, in 1996.

“My wife, Sheila, has built a unique collection of mill memorabilia which records the history, development and the contribution the business and its employees made to Inverurie,” said former owner and local businessman Thomas Tait OBE.

“It has been a concern how this material could be shown to the public and preserved for the future,” explained Mr Tait.

“A Heritage Centre is something that Inverurie is long overdue. The town has a long and diverse history and this should be available to present and future generations.

“There has been enormous change in our lifetime. Technology has brought changes to lifestyle, fashion, living conditions and in business. Yet nowhere is this celebrated in Inverurie,” he added. Inverurie Business Association has pledged full support for the proposed Heritage Centre

“Inverurie lacks a prestige visitor attraction and an Inverurie Heritage Centre has the potential to fill this gap,” said IBA chairman John Glover.

“Family businesses have been the backbone of the town for generations and have provided a livelihood for many of its growing population. The IBA will encourage the traditional and new businesses to put their full weight behind this imaginative initiative by Garioch Heritage Society,” he said.


New Heritage Centre for Inverurie

A Heritage Centre has been included in plans to develop the giant Carriage Works shed on the former Inverurie Loco Works site.

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