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Things you will love about Inverurie

To get the right experience on a vacation or trip is quite hard, because if you are going to the place for the second time it won't be interesting, but you will know what to visit and what to skip, and in case you are going there for the first time, you will be able to experience new things, but also you won't know for sure what will interest you, so you will maybe see something less interesting than something else that you didn't had time to visit.

It is the same with Scotland, the land is huge and there are many places that need to be seen and discovered. But there are a few places that can offer you more than others. One of those places is a small town located on the east and called Inverurie. It looks more like a big village with interesting people, good food and amazing landscapes. The weather there is just like in every other part of Scotland - rainy and rarely sunny. But that weather is great, because it makes the atmosphere complete and gives Scotland the certain something that other places don't have.

It is located near to the coast, so you will be able to enjoy some horseback riding on the land but also on the beautiful beaches. The nature and parks there are really good for running, biking and even just walking and enjoying the surrounding. The food offers are also good here, but the best thing about Inverurie are the many interesting and old castles you can see and visit there. It is also interesting that such a small place has its own music group - Inverurie Academy's Celtacad music group. They even give you a chance to take a balloon tour to see everything in this area from the bird perspective. It really is a place for the whole family to visit, but you can also go there on your own, get some free time, relax and experience new things.


New Heritage Centre for Inverurie

A Heritage Centre has been included in plans to develop the giant Carriage Works shed on the former Inverurie Loco Works site.

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